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Emotional Intelligence is the ability to identify and regulate one's emotions and understand the emotions of others. A high Emotional Intelligence or EQ helps you to build relationships, reduce stress, defuse conflict and experience a more harmonious life, and this on a personal as well as a professional level.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is comprised of comprises the following five key elements:

1. Self-awareness: Understanding how to use your mind to your advantage (solutions VS problems) 

2. Self-regulation: Identifying exactly how to manage yourself when in a stressful situation (responding VS reacting).

3. Motivation: Discerning your values and what drives you. (living by your highest values)

4.Empathy: Being able to understand others on a deeper level and making decisions accordingly.

5. Social skills: Being capable of understanding other's perspectives, building rapport, establishing meaningful connections with people from diverse backgrounds, and more...

In addition, you will get to know yourself on a very different level, you will make accountable choices, your relationships will improve, and consequently your life will become a much more elevated and enjoyable experience.

Increasing your Emotional Intelligence or EQ will not only benefit you, nonetheless, it will also have its ripple effect on the people around you.


Yes, when you master your Emotional Intelligence you will be more successful and happier in all areas!

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Digital Program & Mastermind


"Many people don’t realise this till much later (and often the it is too late) that choosing a life-partner is probably the single most important investment you will ever make in life."


I say this because once you find that one person who is the missing piece of the puzzle... you can start building ‘together’ and grow and enjoy the relationship you have always dreamed about.

The below course & Mastermind will guide you to optimise your Relational Intelligence.

In doing so, you will increase social awareness, which is the KEY ingredient to attract the right people (for YOU) into your life!

1. You will discover to embrace the present moment by calming your MIND.

2. You will be able to observe your own behaviour (reactions  - actions - habits), as well as observing yourself in relation to the people around you.

3. You will learn how to respond instead of react, understanding and defuse conflict and make accountable choices.


Manifest Your Match

  The Course

Manifest Your Match is an automated program you can work through at your own pace. This comprehensive course consists of 6 modules totalling 36 videos.

From the moment of purchase you will immediately get access to the first 2 modules, the course is dripped out over 4 weeks to allow you time for integration.

Included in the material you will receive  are workbooks,  journal prompts, and other tools, such as meditations and visualizations to guide you to become an energetic match for the partner you desire.

This course will help you shift your and give you a NEW perspective on how you make a conscious partner choice or how to navigate toward a suitable match for you and stay clear from energies that do not align with your values.

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Manifest Your Match    

Course + Mini-Mastermind

This is an epic and super powerful 6-WEEK program with hybrid delivery, YES the BEST of both worlds!

Once you purchase the Program, you will get instant access to the course videos of Pre-work and Module 1, downloadable workbooks, affirmations cards, journal prompts, and other tools to guide you, such as meditations and visualizations to assist you to become an energetic match for the partner you desire..

The 6 modules + bonus content are dripped out over 6-WEEKS and every 2 weeks you will be invited to a Mastermind Call, where you can bring up any issues you experience and you will have the opportunity to be in the HOT-seat to be coached.

I look forward to working with you. 

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Corporate tailor-made programs & Speaking Opportunities

Interactive and expansive Group Coaching Programs that drastically improve:

  1. corporate culture,
  2. communication,
  3. team building, connection and productivity in the corporate setting.


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Private 1:1 Coaching


Making accountable choices and decisions will not only benefit you, but cause a ripple effect on the people around you, our relationships, your health, your business, your finances... And consequently your situation will change, and this on a personal as well as a professional level.

As you know, transformation comes in many different forms: When we are confused; When we get hurt; When we learn lessons; When we feel we do not belong; When we try things and fail, but even when we succeed - just to name a few.

This is where mentorship comes in. Because it is such an incredibly powerful tool, as you get to download what other people have learned and so you can calibrate to these lessons much quicker.

When you embark on this journey, please know that change is possible for everyone. And when adopting the Accountable Ethos into your life, change will happen much quicker than you could have ever imagined.

I hereby would love to invite you to this contained experience for life transformation with me. And remember, change is just one decision away!

1-OFF 45-minute coaching experience


In this 45-minute 1 : 1 coaching experience, you can be coached on anything you like, although, these one-off experinces are for you to explore if we are a fit. Your choice of delivery: Over Zoom/ on the phone

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1-MONTH coaching retainer


This retainer includes 4x 1 : 1 coaching experience of 45-minutes + Voxer support on 2 days/ week. Your choice of delivery: Over Zoom/ on the phone. Sessions must be utilised within 1 month from start date.

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3-MONTH coaching retainer


This retainer includes 10x 1 : 1 coaching experience of 45-minutes + Voxer support on 2 days/ week. Your choice of delivery: Over Zoom/ on the phone. Sessions must be utilised within 3 months from start date. 

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