In May 2022, 'Couple Code' became an Amazon Bestseller in 6 different categories 


With this how-to book, I want to show you that you are not alone in your quest of finding your perfect match. I used to be YOU seven years ago. I was sitting in my kitchen, eating my dinner solo, and I was wondering if there would be a man somewhere, perhaps closer than I could imagine, who was also eating dinner all alone.

Please know that you deserve the very best. There is absolutely no need to settle. Some will tell you that your standards are too high and that you cannot have it all, well, I can tell you that YOU CAN ATTRACT who it is you were looking for all along. 

As the ancient poet Rumi states it with conviction:” What you seek, is seeking you.” 

This is true for the life experiences you encounter, but also for the relationships you attract into your life. I want you to remember this sentence as it is so powerful!

Once I understood that everything started with me, that the power was in my hands, I took a very different approach. Meeting your match is not a game of luck, however, a process of becoming the person you need to be to welcome your match into your life.


In world of uncertainty, now more than ever, people need the guidance of a mentor who has walked in their shoes,

someone who can help them learn more about self-leadership, emotional Intelligence (EQ) as well as

Relational Intelligence (RI). This book will empower you to recover your self-worth and gain your confidence back

to find love, so you can step into an affectionate and meaningful relationship effortlessly!

YES! I want my copy of Couple Code NOW →
YES! I want my copy of Couple Code NOW →