The true power of memories.

Jun 28, 2022

This morning, an ex-colleague of mine posted this picture (see above) of an afternoon get-together in my Virgin days. Immediately a BIG smile appeared on my face and the feelings racing though my body were indescribable! 

These days are days to never forget. Working as flight attendants for Virgin, we were an international crew that stood by each other through thick and thin…connected as ONE- really connected, despite the different language, different nationality or religion, just because we shared the same belief and values of ‘giving our passengers the best possible experience’ and that no matter what, we had each other’s back in any given situation!

If you think about it we were proof to the world that true diversity is possible and that this ideology brings out the most beautiful teamwork I have ever been part of.


And we were able to have this fascinating experience all because Sir Richard Branson had a vision: A vision of bright red airplanes soaring through the sky. A vision of a dynamic international crew in crisp red and white uniforms representing his company. We learned a lot from this legendary man who came to party with us on numerous occasions and we will be forever grateful.


Over the years we spent together that bond grew even stronger and we became comrades for life. Now, we are scattered all over the globe. Many of us have left the aviation industry, but the memories live on forever, as what we experienced was truly an exceptional adventure, building a magnificent ‘life memory bank’.


We had fun, we had joy, but we also kept going and encouraged each other to never give up even when we were tired and exhausted. And it is because of these memories we build together that we are able to see life differently, to see that there are always at least three solutions to one problem. And, I would like to say the following to all my Virgin colleagues, no matter where you are in the world today: ”It is a privilege to know you/ have known you all and to share these epic times with you! And what I know for sure  - and I have no doubt you agree with me  - is that the aviation bug is something that stays in your blood forever!”


My message to you All: 

Choose a job you can put all your LOVE into, where you work with people that lift you up and where you help each other to learn and grow. Sure, you won’t get along with everyone, but mutual respect is a minimum. When you leave, don't forget to take all the epic memories with you! Remember, in Life it is all about collecting memories, so that when you are 80-years old, you can sit on a tropical beach, relax and reflect, and think by yourself “I had an absolute legendary life!”


But most of us are not yet 80 (hahaha), so when times are tough, remember and really remember that you have collected many great memories over the years. Go back in your memory bank and pull out a few epic ones. Re-live them as if it was yesterday and notice the feeling you get. Now bring that feeling with you into the now and keep it with you for as long as possible because, that good feeling will guide you toward more great things yet to happen!





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