How the right mindset and vision will help you be noticed and thrive in business.

Aug 28, 2022

As the CEO of Accountable ETHOS™ I am a devoted advocate for accountable living. This entails taking radical self-responsibility, so you can own your life in a personal as well as a professional capacity! Life is undoubtedly a matter of choices and every choice you make makes you. 

When you truly understand this, you will see that accountable living does not only benefit you, but also has its ripple effect on your family, the people around you, your employees, your business, and the wider society. 

I love to provide evidence to the world of what is possible if one truly believes in ones vision and here below I would love to share with you a prime example of what accountable ethos may look like.

I met Emma Taylor from Injex clinics in 2014. She came highly recommended by one of my friends when I put it out there that I was looking for a reputable Medi-Spa. Emma was an extremely  dedicated and experienced professional who had been in the beauty industry since 2010. 

in those 8 years, I have never looked back, yet, I have been a loyal customer and I happily referred many of my friends, simply because I immediately felt understood. 

I have always been intrigued why some businesses thrive and others just exist….After studying human behaviour for a few decades, I now realise that it all trickles down to value alignment. At the time I first met Emma, she had only one clinic, but I could feel immediately that this young and dynamic entrepreneur had a much bigger vision. Each and every time we spoke, I could hear the passion in her voice when she told me that creating genuine and honest nurse-patient relationships, along with the best quality of services was of upmost importance to her.

Moreover, it was essential to her to have a business where customers felt comfortable and not pushed into having something done. Emma also wanted to ensure that her clients were well looked after in the event she was unable to treat them. Over time, she has come to know many of her clients, including myself, on a more personal level and as a result a bond was created. Emma states: ”I’ve had the privilege of going through the highs and lows of my client’s lives and that’s something that’s very special to me. My clients trust me and so they trust the staff that I hire – this is why I’ve made it my mission to only have the best of the best working at Injex.”

And so there was no surprise when the Injex movement grew and a second clinic opened its doors a few years ago providing the exact same high standard beauty care. Another remarkable fact is that not only women but more and more men are visiting Injex, taking care of themselves and their looks. 

Now approximately six months post Covid, people approach the world yet again in a different way, knowing that nothing is certain and that they have to enjoy life, and most importantly that they deserve the very best. So, in order to serve the people of greater Brisbane even better, Emma Taylor is opening a third clinic on September 1st 2022!! (not long to go now). She believes owner operated businesses are always the best and makes sure she works at each clinic herself to so maintain Injex’s high quality standards. 

With the growing demand, perhaps not much later down the track, a fourth clinic will open its doors on the Gold Coast, which sounds like music to my ears; This means no more 70km drive each time I visit Injex in Brisbane. Although,I have enjoyed every drive there and  the experience of every treatment I had. 

Watching Injex grow as time went by has really brought a smile to my face as this expansion really mirrors the true meaning of Accountable Ethos. After all, a successful business is comprised of so many things and all for the greater good. Not only making people look good but also aiding them to feel amazing is an art.

“I love the meaningful connections we make as well as being able to work artistically. Creating symmetry and subtly enhancing our clients features is an art which we love perfecting every day. Not only that, but we love to see the transformation of confidence these procedures bring. We have so many people who come to us that say they don’t feel as old as they look, so, when we are able to rewind the ‘facial-aging-clock’ it gives them such a boost! These are just some of the reasons we love doing what we do”, says Emma.

At the same time Injex is employing 37 employees, such as Cosmetic Registered Nurses, Skin and Laser therapists, Receptionists, Managers, etcetera, which in turn is a noble contribution to society. Moreover, Mrs. Taylor values education and therefore keeps up with the latest and greatest trends, providing her staff with ongoing training so they can also feel confident while serving Injex’s clientele.

As the saying goes: ‘Success leaves clues!’ and this is obvious as Injex has won several awards over the years, such as the Best Beauty Business, Retailer of the year and Young Entrepreneur. On a final note and in my opinion, Injex is a true role-model for other businesses and young entrepreneurs. Not only do you feel very welcome when you walk through Injex’s doors, you can sense the solidarity of the team, the quality communication and the expertise when having a treatment. 

In summary, visiting Injex is most definitely an elevated experience!





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