Getting into Creation Mode!

Jun 28, 2022

Any novel product or unique business concept was once the brainchild of a person or a group of people who held a vision. Not only tangible things need a visual in order to come together, also intangible ones such as Gandhi’s peace movement or Martin Luther King’s dream of equality started with a mental image. When grasping this concept, it is crystal clear that having a vision is extremely powerful. Walt Disney once stated: “When you can dream it, you can do it!” and look at how his vision materialized in a legacy of happiness for all who visit Disneyland. 


Although we all can have an idea or a vision for the future, our environment doesn't always support us in the pursuit of going after our dreams. Did you know that by the age of fifteen, youngsters have heard the word ‘no’ (you cannot do this or that) 300% more than ‘yes’ (go ahead). And while it is understandable that parents want to protect and safeguard their offspring from making the wrong decisions, teenagers and young adults seem to be less confident when it comes to stepping up and they doubt their ability to make decisions that move them forward. 


Therefore, I would like to share with you my take on visualization to demonstrate the power of this to-date fairly unknown and underrated theory.

The very first time I came across the concept of ‘visualization’, I was in my mid twenties. I had travelled to Thailand where I would meet my good friend Peggy for a one-month yoga experience. Our first lesson elaborated extensively on this idea of how you could create your future through holding a vision. Instantly, I was mesmerized and when reflecting I could see that I had been practicing this method unconsciously for most of my life. 


As a child I loved reading and as I devoured book after book, I was able to empathize with the characters in the book, to such an extent that I became that character. I could see everything they saw and feel what they felt – Yes! I was living the story, each and every time. This experience as a child has assisted me tremendously to visualize what I wanted my life to look like. 

From a very young age I visualized myself travelling the world and somehow I felt that I would end up living in a paradise-like place close to the beach. Today, I live on the beautiful Gold Coast in Australia with my amazing husband, whom I also manifested through visualization. 


Let me tell you how it actually works. Visualization is a two-step process: 

Step one is knowing what you want and then attaching pictures to those things. 

Step two is connecting the feeling(s) you will experience once the vision materializes but doing that in such a way ‘as if’ you already have your desired outcome. This is where it gets tricky… Most people are fine with the first step, however, when it comes to step two, doubt creeps in and they start to self-sabotage. Others don't have the slightest clue what they actually want, so attaching pictures or feelings to a blurry vision is definitely a challenge. Hence, it is crucial to get crystal clear on what it is you want and from there you can start creating. 


The practice of visualization can be performed at any time and in any place, even if you are time-poor or when you are not in a good emotional space. You only need to gift yourself a 5 to 10-minute window to really focus, and in this short stretch of time, you CAN make miracles. Me too, I have used visualization at times when my life was not as rosy in order to pull myself out of a negative spiral and into better vibes. This extraordinary technique can be applied to whatever it is you want to design in your life: may it be to manifest your dream partner, the perfect body for you, a comfortable place to live, a new job, a thriving business or even a baby... From the moment you can be very clear on your ideal, you can move into creation-mode. 

For 27 years, Nelson Mandela practiced visualization in his jail-cell to keep himself sane while at the same time creating the vision of ‘anti-apartheid’, a world where people of all colour could peacefully live together. Everything that has been done by anyone in the past can be repeated and you too can bring to life whatever image you hold in your mind.



Let’s not keep it by just reading this theory of possibility, but l dare you to take action, now!

What do you want your life to look like, feel like or be like? 

If you are serious about creating a truly enjoyable life surrounded by the people you love and admire, doing the things that bring you joy and make you happy and allow you to learn and grow, I would suggest the following: 

Start with a sharp vision that brings you joy in the long run. Write it all down and then attach pictures to all of the things that make your heart sing. Lastly close your eyes and put on some dreamy music that evoke that good-feeling feeling and imagine you are inside your mental picture, living this reality. Remember…and really remember that you are the architect of our life!


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