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- 6 Week Program

The HYBRID delivery of this epic 6-WEEK transformational program is absolutely next level!!

What is included:
  • 1 Pre-Work module
  • 6 Modules that build on each other bite-size, easy-to-consume video segments - 6 BONUS videos
  • 7 downloadable workbooks
  • 5 downloadable affirmation cards

The course is dripped out over 6- WEEKS. This gives you time to go through the course content before you join the Mastermind-Call in WEEEK 2, WEEK 4 and WEEK 6.

What to expect in the Mastermind-Call?
  • There will be a theory part + scenarios (AnneMie’s life experience) - An opportunity to ask questions
  • An opportunity to be in the HOT-seat to be coached by AnneMie
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Course Content

The Manifest Your Match course is structured to provide you with a step-by-step roadmap to success. Here's a glimpse of what you can expect:


Consists of 3 Parts to get you started and assist you in re-thinking the way you see your situation NOW.

Module 1: Healing The Past

In this module you will work on creating awareness as this truly is the first step to make CHANGE in your life. In addition, you will learn to re-frame your situation and how your see the world. This module contains a very powerful visualisation. As Walt Disney used to say: "If you can SEE it, it can be attracted and created!

Module 2: YOU 2.0 ~ You are Picasso

In this module you will work on turning the page. You will learn about emotions and how they drive our actions. You will also be introduced on how to use your Mind to your advantage and you will create a new story for yourself.

Module 3: Refining your Vision

This module is jam-packed full of strategy and background knowledge. You will work on a new vision and why that is of crucial importance. You will hone in on some basic relationship psychology (logic, but often forgotten). You will delve into values and value alignment; boundaries: what they look like and why they are the make or break or a solid relationship. In this section you will also cover Accountable Thinking and Communicating. 

Module 4: Manifestation in Action!

In this module you will learn about energetics. This might be new to you, but when combining strategy and energetics, you can make magic happen! 

Module 5: Putting the Wheels in Motion

In this module you will start to take ACTION. Only when you take action can you see and experience CHANGE! In this section you will cover some more practical tips on 'how to be seen'; 'what to keep in mind in the process' (not to get side-tracked); additional Accountable Communication tips and 'What a healthy Relationship Timeline looks like'.

Module 6: A deeper understanding on Energy & Time

Time and energy are two fundamental aspects that shape our lives. Often, we find ourselves caught in the relentless rush of time, struggling to balance countless responsibilities and desires. Likewise, energy, both physical and mental, determines our ability to navigate through life's challenges and can prevent or foster what we are able to attract to us. However, when we perceive these concepts differently, a transformative shift occurs. This altered perspective unlocks the potential for a more fulfilling and gratifying life where relationships blossom and the right people come into our lives. When we truly understand the concepts ‘time’ and ‘energy’ each moment becomes an opportunity to create a joyful and purposeful journey!


On top of this very comprehensive course, you will also receive 6 BONUS videos!!
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